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We're a community workshop where creativity, learning and entrepreneurship thrive. And we're on a mission to help everyone build the things they love! Opening in Lower Allston spring of 2022. For now join as a virtual member to support our work.

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  • Creative Community

    Together we're building a 52,000 SF fabrication wonderland. We're committed to serving Boston as a vibrant, inclusive platform for artistic expression, lifelong learning, and creative entrepreneurship.

  • Workshops & Tools

    We have more than a dozen specialized workshops across two buildings, stocked with the tools you need to build the things you love. We're home to more than 170 affordable studios for artists, hobbyists, and innovators.

  • Classes & Events

    Our community thrives on the joy of learning and discovery that comes through sharing - we're always hungry for new ideas. Whether you want to take or teach a class, come explore with us!

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